How Hosting Institutions Apply

Deadline: 13 Jan 2017, 5:00PM MST


Responsibilities of Host

In order to succeed at such cross-disciplinary research, the host institution and the mentoring scientists will play critical roles. Consequently, applicants must select a host scientist who is different than their PhD advisor (preferably at a different institution), and coordinate a joint application with the host scientist and institution.

Interested hosts should send the following materials to the UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs at

Please prepare your application in one (1) PDF document, in the order listed below:

  • One or two-page letter of intent to host a specific fellow or describing the type of background preferred.
  • Curriculum vitae, including publications (two-page limit).
  • A list of current and pending research support.

Hosts are expected to mentor the fellow as well as provide office space, a computer workstation, and any other unique research costs associated with this fellowship. UCAR sets aside some funds to help off set the high cost of publishing scientific results, but we request that hosts also help the postdoctoral fellows with some of these costs.

Questions on the VSP application process may be addressed to, or 303-497-1605.

Host database

NOTE: Even though a host is included in the host database, a potential host needs to submit their letter of intent to host the applicant, their abbreviated CV and their list of current ressearch support.

Interested hosts may enter their research expertise information in our searchable database. Candidates for fellowships use this resource to find suitable hosting mentors. If you would like to be included in the database for participating hosts, please see Hosting Options for Postdocs.